State Care For The Martyr

  • State Care of the Martyr

    The care of the State has come from many aspects due to the belief of rational leadership in the significance of the role played by our martyrs and our heroes. We review here many of these aspects:


    A. Administrative Systems:

    The men of the Armed Forces will not hesitate to serve religion, King and homeland. Their belief of the love of sacrifice to raise the status of this religion has motivated them to perform their duty not money or position. Despite that, the State offers a great deal of privileges, including their promotion and reward. Some of these incentives that have been issued by royal decree:

    • Upgrading those who have been martyred in the course of their duty to the rank immediately following their rank and receiving a salary equal to the maximum salary of the rank they were promoted to in addition to the allowances and bonuses they received as if the martyr were on the job.
    • Awarding them the King Abdul Aziz Medal of the third degree.
    • Appointing one of the sons of the martyr with his father's job according to the statutory requirements.
    • Helping his family on an urgent basis with one million riyals.
    • Assisting his family in securing suitable housing in the area they desire, in the amount of 500,000 SR.
    • Giving both of the father and mother of the martyr a monthly salary of three thousand riyals if it is proven that he is supporting them.
    • Limit the debts due to others owed by each martyr and document this through the Shariah Court in order to repay them on his behalf, but not exceeding a maximum of 500,000 SR for each martyr.

    B. Social Side

    The social approach has been taken by the State towards its children from the martyrs and their families in order to reflect the depth of cohesion and the State's concern for its children.

    Moreover, the reality of that great attention to the children of martyrs comes through what is done by the Department of Martyrs of Duty Families Follow-up in the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and National Guard, which was established in order to provide and follow up all the needs of the families of martyrs. The services provided include:

    • Hosting families of martyrs of duty to perform Hajj at the expense of ministries.
    • Officially appointing and transferring of a number of the relatives of the martyr in the ministries and other government sectors.
    • Appointing and transferring of a number of sons and brothers of martyr in military sectors.
    • Appointing a number of martyrs' relatives in civil jobs through the Ministry of Civil Service.
    • Submitting for the royal approval to give martyrs families priority to apply to the Real Estate Development Fund in addition to exempting the families of martyrs who have already borrowed from the Real Estate Development Fund.
    • Securing a car for the family of the martyr according to their needs and condition.
    • Teaching a number of children of martyrs in private schools at the expense of the State.
    • Sending some children of martyrs' families to study abroad at the expense of the state.
    • Providing a maid and driver for the family of the martyr according to the needs of the family.
    • Treatment of a number of children, parents and wives of the families of martyrs (inside or outside) the Kingdom at the expense of the State.