Royal Saudi Land Forces
About Sector

The Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF) are the backbone of the Saudi Armed Forces and the first pillar in this colossal edifice. The RSLF evolved through several phases of growth and development at the organizational, administrative, training and armament levels alike. 1396H [1976G] was the real juncture for the RSLF. In that year, land forces were gradually transformed from a light infantry to an agile and fire-intensive mechanized infantry. Today the land forces have the latest weapons and military vehicles, including tanks, armored vehicles, mortars, combat troop carriers, and helicopters. The Land forces are also supported by armored vehicles specifically suited to the geographical nature of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its topography, allowing them to perform the missions of protecting the land of the Two Holy Mosques with all their efficiencies and capabilities.  

In the training field, these land forces have taken upon their its shoulders the training and development of their personnel. through the establishment of the King Abdulaziz College and a number of institutes, centers and schools, the continuous development of land forces has been undertaken.