Royal Saudi Naval Forces
About Sector

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia "KSA" enjoys a distinctive strategic location in the Arabian Peninsula, far Southeast Asia. The area of Saudi Arabia covers some 2,000,000 square meters, amounting to two-thirds of the Arabian Peninsula, between the Arabian Gulf from the East, and Aqaba Gulf and the Red Sea from the West. In view of this distinctive location and vast area, KSA has three seafronts on the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf, with coasts extending some 2400 km. KSA is the country with the longest coast on the Red Sea. Its coast in the Red Sea represents about 80% of the eastern Red Sea coast. The Red Sea separates southwest Asia from northeast Africa. It is the main arm connecting the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea in the South with the Mediterranean Sea in the North. 

The Arabian Gulf lies in southwest Asia. It is the eastern boundary of the Arabian Peninsula; and is initially an arm extending from the southeast, where the Hormuz Strait is located, to northwest, where is the Shatt Al-Arab estuary. The Arabian Gulf is connected to the Oman Sea, which lies to the east, via the Hormuz Strait, which is the connection between the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea. this is main tributary for international trade, in view of the strategic location after the discovery of oil in and around this area. The Gulf area has become the main reservoir of oil in the world, with one-third of the world's oil production passing through the Arabian Gulf. 

The of  the kingdome of the Saudi Arabia established a naval force with the mission to defend and secure the kingdome lands, coastlines and territorial waters. In 1377H [1957G] the Naval Force School was established leading to the commencement of the (Naval Force) In 1380H [1960G], Riyadh Boat joined the Naval Force service to be the first naval vessel owned by the Naval Forces. Through subsequent significant expansions the kigdome managed to achieve immense reinforcements, thus making a quantum leap in delivering its military and naval mission. 

The Naval Forces owns two important fleets, namely the eastern fleet on the Arabian Gulf, and the western fleet on the Red Sea. Each of them have a full military capability including Battleship units, support ship units, administrative and technical support, naval aviation groups, marines and special naval security units. 

The RSNF understands the importance of qualification, education and the training of personnel. Hence the King Fahad Naval College, Technical Studies Institute, Naval Forces Schools, Marines School,  were established in addition to the naval training centers and simulators.

Since its foundation, the RSNF has pledged to deliver its responsibilities and accomplish its missions, defending the kingdome and participating in international naval alliances to provide peace and security in the region.