MoD's Human Role

The Ministry of Defense attaches great significance to humanitarian and service-related topics, as it does not limit its role to military tasks, planning and implementation in times of war or during field maneuvers. It therefore attempts to extend its activities by strengthening its role in carrying out humanitarian operations and providing assistance during wars and natural disasters. It does so by harnessing its great potential in rescue operations, air shipment and aid transport to the affected countries. 

The Ministry also aims at harnessing its air and maritime fleets to deliver humanitarian aid to countries affected by war or disasters. Concurrently, it will be identifying safe havens which can’t be targeted in times of war through reconnaissance missions conducted by the MoD’s competent organs. The Ministry recognizes the importance of role complementarity across its different departments and sectors and is fully aware of the necessity to provide health care to those in need. Emergency cases will therefore be dealt with in field hospitals and then be transferred, if necessary, to the Ministry’s military hospitals located in the major cities.

Receiving and accommodating the pilgrims during the Hajj season is one of the foremost services the Ministry has been providing in cooperation with the other Ministries, all operating in their respective field. Each year, the MoD assigns special teams whose mission is to facilitate and assist the pilgrims of the Sacred Mosque during the performance of the rites. Moreover, the Ministry cooperates with other sectors providing “air” and “land” capabilities for the same purpose.

Since the Ministry is keen to strengthen these important aspects, it fully complies with the MoD’s Transformation Program and its new vision by increasing staff and technical capabilities. Consequently, it will be participating in the development of the country and its citizens, while extending help to brotherly and friendly nations when needed.