The national objective of the Kingdom is to preserve its the sovereignty, security, unity, growth and stability as well as protecting the Two Holy Mosques and their guests. To this end, the Ministry of Defense seeks to acquire professional and joint military forces to defend the sovereignty and security of the Kingdom, deter threat and defeat aggression. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense seeks to possess professional and joint military forces to defend the sovereignty and security of the Kingdom, deter the threat and defeat the aggression, thereby achieving coordination and strengthening defense and security cooperation both internally and externally.

The Ministry of Defense pursues dynamic and effective defense policy that adopts an active defense using high military capabilities capable of coping with changes in the regional environment and carrying out the tasks required of it. This is done based on the dictated nature of the challenges and threats and in accordance with the situation requires of advanced military technology, smart and professional military leadership.

The Ministry of Defense deals with situations and events with military professionalism and commitment to fight and triumph in a major regional confrontation while at the same time contain another confrontation in other location.

The Presidential General Staff will lead the effort to rapidly train, equip and deploy troops with the necessary logistical support, while the Joint Forces Command will enhance the combat and readiness capabilities of the troops and lead combat operations based on the emerging threats and the security environment at the regional level.

However, they will be supported by the branches of the Armed Forces, which manage all the training and operational activities of the forces. Moreover, coordination and integration will be carried out with all elements of the national forces, especially the military and other security forces and the work will be executed within regional and international alliances to ensure the security of the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Defense endeavours through the Ministry of Defense Development Program in order to bring itself up to par with the ranks of elite armed forces in the world in terms of its qualitative character, readiness and ability to confront all threats through carefully selected men with the highest professionalism, competence, merit, training and motivation to carry out critical quality operations and effectively manage defense capabilities through improved spending efficiency and support the localization of military manufacturing.