MODA Identity

Logo rationale: 

The Ministry of Defense is entering a new era. 

One that drives  professionalism, scale and greater efficiencies to deliver an unrivalled integrated fighting force. 

Our new logotype draws from the heritage and prestige of the Armed Forces making it relevant to today’s threats. 

It represents an integrated fighting force driven by Active Defense 

(as a build against the logo) 

  1. At the center of the new Ministry of Defense logotype sits the Saudi Government symbol of the Palm and crossed swords; itself a symbol of defense of peace.
  2. Protecting in unison around the Government symbol are the arms of the Saudi forces.
    • The anchor represents the Saudi Royal Navy 
    • The crossed rifles represent the Royal Saudi Army
    • The wings represent the Royal Saudi Airforce
    • The anti-aircraft gun represents the Royal Saudi Air Defense 
    • The rockets represent the Royal Saudi Strategic Defence Force.
  3. Behind the Weaponry sit five concentric rings, each representing one of the defense forces working together in unison.
  4. The Palm Wreath around the arms symbolises peace and harmony. 
  5. Uniting both branches is a Red Ribbon symbolising the unity of citizens and government.
  6. The Royal Saudi Crown sits atop the logotype, as a symbol of King and country.