Defense Minister Assistant
Defense Minister Assistant

His Excellency, assistant minister of defense 

Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-ayesh

    Military scientific qualifications 

  • He joined the Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Bachelor Degree in aerial sciences
  • The flight instructor Course
  • cycle updated aircraft.
  • Master of Military Science.
  • The session of the fellowship program

    Positions held  

  • Pilot officer positions.
  • Director of the Department.
  • The commander of the base.
  • .Chairman of the Commission
  • The deputy commander of air forces.
  • The commander of the Royal Saudi Air Force.
  • The assistant secretary of defense

  • The Honors, Pendant and Medals:

  • King Abdulaziz Medal of the first class.
  • Order of King Faisal - fourth degree.
  • The order of the liberation of Kuwait.
  • The National Order of Merit of the French Republic.
  • The Bronze Star Medal - The United States of America.
  • The National Order of Merit The United States of America  
  • The Falcon Aviation medal - the first class
  •  (1000 hours of teaching on F - 15 aircraft)
  • The Falcon Aviation medal - the second degree
  • 1000 hour of teaching on  the Laiting aircraft 
  • The Medal of the Holy Mosque.
  • Kuwait Liberation Medal.
  • First-class military appreciation medal